Affirmation of Values

Emporia State University is an equal opportunity institution of higher education where individuals of diverse backgrounds and beliefs come to learn and work together professionally and respectfully. As a university, we seek to create and uphold high intellectual standards within a learning community, to make those intellectual standards accessible to all who engage in the learning process, and to foster a curiosity about life and society that will lead to informed and involved citizenship in all of its forms. Learning requires critical thinking about the production of knowledge and the various beliefs that people may hold, as well as opportunities to test and actively engage with new ideas. As an institution of higher education in a pluralistic society, Emporia State University is committed to helping students, faculty, staff, and administrators acquire those skills necessary to enable them to think critically, to question intelligently, and to analyze complex and diverse ideas in order to become thoughtful, educated world citizens.

ESU has a commitment to a positive, quality environment that nurtures academic and personal excellence in learning and teaching.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators share a responsibility for sustaining an environment that is conducive to learning, teaching, and personal growth. ESU sets high intellectual standards, offers stimulating and challenging courses, and provides quality activities and interactions within the university community.

ESU has a commitment to recognize the value of diversity and the respect for individual ideas, opinions, and experiences.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators provide opportunities within and outside the classroom that foster contact with and respect for diverse groups of people and increased appreciation for pluralistic ideas and experiences. We value and welcome the benefits of diversity. Therefore, we expect and demand that the worth and dignity of all people be recognized without regard to any classification that might preclude a person from consideration as an individual.

ESU has a commitment to academic and personal integrity.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators set the highest standards of personal integrity and thus will not resort to cheating, plagiarism, and/or the use of unauthorized materials. In addition, the university strives to foster an environment of objectivity, fairness, and impartiality.

ESU has a commitment to open expression of ideas.

In any institution of higher learning it is inevitable that people will hold a multitude of perspectives on a wide range of issues. Discussions at Emporia State University occur in a challenging, but physically safe, non-threatening environment without fear of retribution. Students, faculty, staff, and administrators value and strive to engage in constructive listening, principled dialogue, and respectful disagreement in all forms of communication.

ESU has a commitment to a collegial and shared governance.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators work together in a collegial manner to solve problems to benefit the university community in accordance with governance structure, policy, and procedures. This principle of collegial and shared governance requires mutual respect and civility, but does not exclude beneficial and constructive criticism. The principles of collegiality are also manifested concretely in a commitment to mutual respect for the purpose of strengthening all academic programs and collective endeavors. This commitment is essential as we mentor and support all our colleagues in their individual and collective endeavors of teaching, learning, scholarly activity, and service.