JOHN E. KING  President of Kansas State Teachers College from 1953 to 1966.President of Kansas State Teachers College
from 1953 to 1966

John E. King became the 11th president of Kansas State Teachers College, now Emporia State University, in 1953. King was raised in Texas, served as lieutenant in the Navy during World War II, and later served as provost of the University of Minnesota at Duluth before coming to KSTC. During his 13 years as president, KSTC's enrollment increased six-fold, reaching its highest enrollment ever. Scholarships also increased in number and there was an emphasis on science as scientific competition with the Soviet Union increased.

King left KSTC in 1966 to take a position as president of the University of Wyoming. E-State's King Hall, which houses the Art Department and the Communication and Theatre Arts Department, is named in his honor.